Monday, July 4, 2011


A fairytale city
Zürich is set on the banks of both a river and a lake, with the snow-topped Swiss Alps rising in the background. Clean cobblestone streets hug a hilly terrain and medieval church spires reach heavenward. Despite its reputation for being the center of old-school international banking and a capital for frou frou chocolate confections, Zürich is also a very modern city that chooses to meander coolly through life at an unhurried pace. Travelers desiring an authentic experience should strive to do the same.
Ulrich Zwingli came to proselytize. James Joyce came to write Ulysses. Bankers came to make money. Dadaists met at Zürich's Cabaret Voltaire to change/ruin art, depending on your position. But you should come for the chocolate, grilled sausages, locally grown wines, amazing museums, medieval architecture, extravagant shopping, breathtaking vistas and the clean, clear water of Lake Zürich. You can spend anywhere from one to three days in Zürich before hitting the surrounding ski slopes or traveling on to Geneva.


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