Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Los Angeles

Los Angeles both confirms and dismantles all of its stereotypes.
Yes, it's a sprawling metropolis with eternally congested freeways. But it also contains some of the most ethnically rich and personalized neighborhoods in the United States. It might be filled to the brim with glamour and Hollywood chic, yet it's also home to renowned art galleries and architectural masterpieces. The world's visual entertainment empire, L.A. offers tourists unforgettable glimpses into the world of filmmaking and television broadcasting. The City of Angels also features some of the most eclectic cuisine, its renovated downtown is fast becoming a must-visit, and its beaches provide sun, sand and -- especially in Venice Beach -- a close-up glimpse of the area's most unique residents.
Los Angeles is expansive, and touring it can be exhausting. But that doesn't deter visitors. The area is one of the most tourist-ed in the country, especially between June and October. Travelers join residents on the already jammed freeways, attempting to get to as many of the spread-out attractions in the time they've allotted. The key to a successful L.A. vacation is simple: Plan extensively before you leave. Pick an area or location that suits your interests and needs the best. And then? Explore, explore, explore.

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